Mixing is the art and process of blending the elements of your musical performance together by manipulating their volume, tone, dynamics and spatial characteristics. I feel a good mix can sharpen the emotional message of your musical piece, making it more appealing to the listener.

I use Pro Tools, a mix control surface and mix in a professionally designed control room. The ability to easily re-amp/re-record parts, sending them through pedals and outboard effects during the mixing stage is made possible by my additional recording spaces, ending up in the computer for full recallabilty.

My mixing rate is a flat fee of $150 per song with a track count up to 24 tracks. This price includes 2 artist revisions. Higher track counts and editing are available. Please contact me for rates.

"Really happy about the mixes! You are amazing!" Dr. John Pennington, Augusta College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"It was an incredible experience and the mixing job was exceptionally well done. We are very happy with the final product!"  Running Out Of Road

I work with you to help create, capture and prepare your musical performance for the end user to enjoy.

Recording is the process and art of capturing your musical performance by using spatial perspective (i.e. recording techniques) and the appropriate electronics such as microphones, equalizers and compressors.

The rate to record in my multi-room studio is $55/hour. Pleasecontact me to book time.

"I really appreciate what you do in the studio. You have that great balance of expediting the process while still allowing the creative process to flourish. Must come from the many years you have spent recording. You keep the energy level up as well, and I'm not just talking about the coffee!"  Jeff Moorehead


Scott "Scooter" Smith

Mix ~ Master ~ Record

(970) 335-8752

Mastering is the art and process of comparing the sonic characteristics of your songs to each other and to the sonic standards of the related musical genre; then using volume, tone, spatial and dynamic processing to bring the sound in line with itself as well as with the standards of its musical genre.

My mastering rate is $50 for one song. A multiple song discount is available. Please contact me for rates.

“Scooter is amazing. It sounds great, people always comment on the quality of the sound, and it sells. I can also present it to any media contact- radio, television, etc. - with confidence that it stands up to major label recordings. He made us sound great!”  Jeff Strahan