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Scooter's Place feels like your living room, but it is a well appointed, professional recording studio.

We work with musicians to help create, capture and prepare the musical performance for the end user to enjoy.

The most important asset at Scooter’s Place are the people. These are the people who will help you make decisions about your project.

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What We Do

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Gear is important, but not as much as the people are. The people are the ones who make the choices of what piece of equipment to use and how to use it. This is what sets Scooter’s Place apart.

What We Use

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You have the musical skills, creativity and vision. We have the technical talent, appropriate tools and artisan experience. It’s a collaboration, you and Scooter’s Place. This is where it all comes together.

Welcome to Scooter’s Place, dedicated for 27 years to the craft of quality audio for release for any reason, in any medium, through the art of recording, mixing, mastering and music production.
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Who We Are

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